Getting to Chitwan

A picture tells a thousand words. So a picture montage seemed a fitting way to best describe our trip to Chitwan National Park last weekend.
The first leg was spent riding in the front compartment with the driver. Apart from the fact that seat belts are non-existent here, it was a fab view of all the animals, trucks, bikes, corners and cliffs coming towards us.
The second leg was on top of the bus…probably safer as we were crammed together like sardines and even better views than before…and the air was fresher 🙂




Strikes are commonplace here and when one happens, an entire province will shut down. Traffic comes to a halt as people are not allowed to enter the province to work. Unfortunately for us, Chitwan went on strike the day we were travelling so we ended up I another traffic jam! For some reason, tourist buses are still allowed to operate and we began the slow process of squeezing a full size bus through tiny gaps in the traffic to cross a bridge. At one stage, the driver got out to inspect the route ahead. When he came back, he found me offering to give it a go…






















One thought on “Getting to Chitwan

  1. sarah reed says:

    loving the posts. reading the stories and looking at the pictures i just know i'm gonna love it over there. can't wait to experience the chaos, madness, wildness and adventure. think i'll be on cloud 9 for five whole weeks! taken off my gear list: crocs. added to gear list: jandals, for sure!


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