Sweden2015-4I really like caterpillars.

But let’s face it, they would make awful pets!

Caterpillars basically eat, sleep and try not to get eaten by something bigger than themselves. However, once a caterpillar gets old enough, big enough and in desperate need of a change, it builds a chrysalis and hides away from the world it once knew.

caterpillar 1 (1 of 1)

Inside the chrysalis, our simple caterpillar changes completely and forever. I know it changes physically. I wonder if it changes mentally as well… However it will never go back to being a caterpillar and living life within the confines of a caterpillar’s body again.

monarch (1 of 2)

It is only when our caterpillar is Outside The Chrysalis that it gets to experience life in a whole new way and see the world from a completely different perspective.

I had lived in my safe, little tree for so long (thirty-something years), that the thought of moving – especially overseas – was just a dream I should live vicariously through friends. Still, one day I made a radical and incredibly scary decision (for me).

I took unpaid leave from my safe job, turned my back on my planned life and signed up for two volunteer positions. Overseas. For four months. Far away from my tree.

One was on a tiny island in the Maldives helping the local people set up a turtle conservation project. The second was teaching English to school kids in Nepal. 2 months each. I figured after all this volunteering, I would need a holiday. So I planned a trek up to Mt Everest Base Camp – a trek that had been on my bucket list for years.

butterfly (1 of 1)What happened during those first 4 months radically changed me. It was like being inside my own chrysalis. Mostly, I changed my outlook on life, although there were a few very positive physical changes as well! My mind was opened to a whole new array of intriguing places to live, by interesting people I got to know and of exciting work opportunities.

I quit the comforts of my safe job, rented out my home, left all my belongings in storage and started experiencing life Outside My Chrysalis.

Outside the Chrysalis meets Beyond Oceans Media

My adventure brought a wonderful man named Kris into my life. We share a passion for photography, filming and diving and so set up Beyond Oceans Media with the aim of showcasing our world and oceans with top quality photos and footage.

Come follow my adventures Outside the Chrysalis.

Let me tell you about the beautiful places I’ve visited, the fun, amusing, sad, touching, scary and intriguing situations I’ve found myself in and what I’ve learned from them having been through my own chrysalis and dared to step outside it.

Wherever you are in this vast world, I hope I can encourage you to start – or continue – your own journey Outside Your Chrysalis. 


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