The place to go to relax

Surprisingly, Malaysia has been one of my favourite holiday destinations. I don’t think it’s incredibly different or beautiful or unique. It’s just incredibly laid back, relaxing and so, so easy to get around.

penang (1 of 4)Kuala Lumpur has everything you would expect from an enormous, modern city. Shopping, flash buildings, plenty of food options and cars! There’s also the Petronas Towers to go up, Batu Caves on the outskirts of the city or a multitude of parks, mosques and museums to visit. Whether you’re  stopping over on your way to somewhere else, or have a couple of days to kill waiting for a visa, there’s plenty to keep you entertained.

For an eclectic mix of street food, street art and street stalls, head to Penang.

penang (2 of 4)Georgetown (the ‘capital’ of Penang) is well known for its artistic flair blended into every part of life in the town. A series of life-like paintings and metal pictures adorn rough walls or are partially hidden around corners, just waiting for you to discover them. I spent days with my trusty map and camera, trying to find every piece.

There’s Chew Jetty, Penang Hill, Fort Cornwallis and a multitude of museums and parks to visit. And if you still want more, there’s always the large shopping malls in the centre of town!

Out on the coast, Batu Ferringhi has beach, a night market, a stunning national park and more great food. And then there’s the small fishing village of Batu Maung on the south coast of Penang. At a stretch, you can spend an hour there! And while my bus ride took 2 hours each way, I still enjoyed my cruisy day seeing more of the island.

penang (4 of 4)

The Cameron Highlands are much cooler than the warm tropical beaches of the coast. You can take the active route and climb one of the many mountains around. Or take an easy tourist trip, visiting strawberry farms, honey bee hives, rose gardens, butterfly houses and tea plantations.

Wherever you decide to go in Malaysia, make sure you take a good book and plans to relax!

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