I first came to Sweden on a whim.

The dive season in Thailand was ending. I still wasn’t ready to return to New Zealand. And Kristian asked me to go.

So with a backpack of summer clothes, I headed north to a 30 degree celsius drop in temperature!

Sweden 2014 (1 of 2)Kristian’s family and friends were so accommodating, providing me with warm clothes and shoes and involving me in all their traditional celebrations and activities. My newcomers guide to Sweden is set in the heart of Dalsland where we camped out on lakes, photographed wild elk, birds and fish and picked fresh cloudberries – a Swedish delicacy.

Where the wild things are takes a closer look at the wild ‘things’ that roam through the forests, swim in the lakes or fly overhead. Canoes, canal boats and yachts are popular forms of summer transport. An annual canoe marathon draws competitors from all over the world, while the canal boats transport tourists up and down some of the 31 locks that stretch across the region.


If you’re ever in Stockholm with a few days to spare and preferably a car, then I recommend you grab a ferry ticket and head over to Gotland and Fårö. There’s a medieval, stone-walled city, hidden bays, secluded, sandy beaches, ruined cathedrals, artwork, wild animals, and even a few sheep.Sweden 2014 (2 of 2)

And I couldn’t avoid some of the more Swedish Swedish traditions. A near naked sauna with a strange man, fermented fish and crazy dances around a maypole singing about frogs at midsummers were all part of my initiation into the Swedish culture!

None of these activities scared me too much because I answered with a resounding Yes! when Kristian asked me to marry him. We married a couple of months later with a Wedding by Wifi’ to include family and friends from around the world.

Whether you’re interested in trekking, history, fishing, camping, museums, cafes, coffee, wildlife, diving or driving, Sweden has it all.

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